Cryogenics - Liquid Nitrogen / Helium - Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Containers

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We represent the German manufacturer Cryotherm in Southern Africa.

Worldwide Cryotherm is considered a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of liquid nitrogen equipment. Please visit their website to see their full product range.


Biosafe storage systems

Storage at cryogenic temperatures below -150℃ leaves your valuable samples unchanged over many decades compared to the unreliable and much higher storage temperatures that you find in electrical freezers. The liquid nitrogen Biosafe storage containers from Cryotherm have a history of decades without failure.

Biobank design

Although the financial layout for cryotechnology equipment is initially more expensive, it is an investment that will provide beneficial in the long run. We build ongoing relationships with our clients.


Our service includes consulting at your site to ensure you are using the correct equipment and gas warning systems for your needs. Your biobanking infrastructure needs constant access to liquid nitrogen. In contrast to fridges that depend on an uninterrupted electricity supply, liquid nitrogen storage vessels are not affected by power outages and the samples remain intact.

Biobank operation and Maintenance

With decades of experience in the planning, design and operation of some of the largest biobanks in the world, we will assist you in all aspects needed to keep your samples safe in the biobank.


The new network-compatible vessel monitoring system with touchscreen for level control, parameter supervision, controlled access and monitoring.


The biobank management software provides easy configuration and supervision of the vessel’s desired parameters, access to network-settings and set-up of user data. There are several additional options to choose from.


BIOSAFE® systems are large storage containers with wide-neck openings for preserving and long-term storage of biological and medical samples.

  • Volumes from 150 l to 420 l (600, 1,000, 1,400 l on request)
  • Container with vacuum super insulation
  • Low vaporisation rates
  • Disinfectable, smooth surfaces
  • vacuum-insulated lid
  • Ergonomic lift mechanism for the lid
  • BIOSAFE® MD version as a Class II A medical product with CE Mark in accordance with the medical product directive 93/42/EEC

Storage and transport vessel for cryogenic liquid nitrogen. With vacuum super-insulation and long-term vacuum protection.

  • Volumes from 50 l to 350 l
  • Integrated safety feature on the container neck
  • Vacuum seal and safety feature
  • Smooth-running casters
  • Fill level display
  • Extraction siphon with waste gas and overflow valve
  • Integrated pressurisation
  • 1.5m filling hose with phase separator


Cryotherm has decades of experience in manufacturing stainless steel vacuum insulated vessels.

What You Get

The full range of products and a complete coverage of the product life cycle.