Mobile And Container

Biomedhelix and Hermetic Mobility are partners for the design and manufacture of container-based clinical solutions for vaccination roll-out. 
Biomedhelix contributes with their expertise in the design of mobile clinics and laboratories. Specifically cold chain requirements for the majority of vaccines is a niche expertise of Biomedhelix, which adds value to Hermetic Mobility’s container-based solutions.
The challenge to vaccinate millions of people in the shortest time possible requires work – and cost efficiency, on top of the COVID-19 pandemic’s current challenges. Container and mobile clinics offer the optimal solution for the short interventions of a vaccination campaign. Mobile trailers, trucks and containers offer mobility and flexibility.


In collaboration with our partner, Hermetic Mobility, we offer container solutions for vaccinations. We deliver our products worldwide. We work with your experts and focus on your vaccination process requirements to determine the appropriate solution:

  • How many people do you want to vaccinate per day?

-> That determines the size and number of containers and facilities, e.g. storage capacities.

  • What are the requirements for your registration process?

-> Do you have online registration? We will design the functional parts according to your requirements.

  • Which vaccines are you using?

-> All COVID-19 vaccines require cooled transport and storage. The mRNA type vaccines like the BioNTech / Pfizer or Moderna vaccine require low or ultra-low temperatures during storage. They also require planned thawing and warming up ahead of the vaccination. Our expertise in biobanking and ultra-low temperature logistics is exclusive. We have experience in full operational solutions and understand the clinical logistical challenges of each vaccine.

  • What are your supply chain processes for the consumables?

-> Our operational experience of many HIV- and TB-related projects provides us with an understanding of  your requirements with regard to space and facilities.


Fully Operational Vaccine Site

This COVID 19 Vaccination Centre can treat up to 400 patients per day, providing your anamneses, data capturing and vaccination takes 15 minutes per person. A separate tent with seating is provided for the 15 minute recovery period.

Optional technical equipment:

  • Power Generator
  • Air Condition
  • HVAC systems with HEPA filtering
Drive-through solution for accelerated vaccine roll-out

High numbers of vaccinations are required to achieve herd immunity.

Move the autonomous containers form site to site